We are often asked to provide a general or "ballpark" estimate to start
There are many factors and options that will affect costs.
We have created this generalized chart for those looking for a starting point

What will affect the cost of audio visual events? Technology has improved substantially in the last 6-18 months and there are significant cost savings both at point of installation as well as for ongoing maintenance costs. Practically speaking, it is now a financially compelling return on investment to pursue efficiency gains and decrease environmental impact by utilizing audio, visual and network technologies.

We are experts at creating a great package within the parameters you set whether it be based on price, technology, or logistics.
We are happy to work with you to create the ideal package for your event.

*Please note that price can be vary and different depends on the event conditions and your specific requires.
*This setup guide is base on 100&Under Seatings, For a medium event size(100-500 seatings) or a large event size(500+seatings), daily cost will be more. See Event Sizes

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