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Outdoor events are naturally enticing, especially in parts of the country and during the times of the year when there is great outdoor weather, but holding your event outdoors poses a series a unique risks and considerations.

A key consideration for outdoor events is electrical power. How are you going to be providing power for your event? Do you have access to enough wall plugs or will you need to run a generator? If all your plugs are on one circuit, or if you are running off a generator, do you have enough amperage to run all of your electrical needs or will you be constantly popping a fuse? Make sure to identify your electrical needs up front and keep this critical component in mind throughout the planning process.

Weather is another crucial component and it’s especially challenging because sometimes it can be hard to predict. Unless your event is held in a tent that is protected from rain or extreme sun, we always recommend having a Plan B option in case the outside weather conditions prove unmanageable.

Finally, here are some more subtle considerations that we have unearthed in our 30+ years of combined experience:
1. Keeping water and moisture away from AV equipment. This becomes especially important if your event is held on grass in the morning when it is still damp with dew.
2. The ability (or inability) to control the amount of ambient light for projected images. If you’re trying to project outdoors in the middle of the day, it may be hard for participants to see the images on the screen.
3. The effect of disruptive wind noise for microphones. Certain microphone shields are better than others outdoors, so make sure to let your AV team know ahead of time if you are planning something outdoors.
4. The challenge of securing outdoor screens in windy settings. This often can be overcome with sandbags and other specialized gear, but it’s important to know that and plan for it when organizing the equipment list.

“Dear Rudy, We can’t thank you enough for all your help at the Monterey Plaza. Without your help the conference would never have gone as smoothly as it did.”