At Breakout AV, our mission is to add value to your message through cutting edge image sound, and technological innovation

40 Years of dedication

About Breakout AV

Since 1993, Kurt Dommers and the team of expert audio visual technicians have been facilitating individuals, companies, non-profits, universities, associations, and academies to effectively convey a message to our audience. Having managed countless exhibitions, Kurt knows how to properly apply a dedicated AV budget without sacrificing on quality. At Breakout AV, our mission is simple: to add value to your message through cutting edge image, sound and technological innovation.

Our team prides itself on commitment to customer service. We are here to answer any questions you may have, provide helpful suggestions, and most importantly, ensure the delivery of dynamic and memorable presentations. From the initial planning process all the way through strike, Breakout AV focuses solely on meeting your audio visual needs.

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Our Misson

Some presentations feel like magic. They grab our attention and carry us through to the point of realization. While credit goes to the skills of each presenter, Breakout AV is here to act as your enabler to make sure each presenter looks and sounds great. We handle everything behind the scenes and offer the best tools on the market so you can stop worrying about outside factors and start focusing on the most important part of your presentation: the content.

No matter what the size of your event – from a small conference to a large production – we will provide the care and dedication that you deserve. If you have an idea, let us propose creative concepts that exceed your expectations while adhering to your budget.

We only care about one thing

The best audio visual service

Using the right equipment is essential to the success of any event. Let’s point out a few examples of how this is true.
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“All speech, written or spoken, is a dead language, until it finds a willing and prepared hearer.”
– Robert Louis Stevenson

A properly amplified voice, weak or strong, carries a long way. Our audio equipment allows us to adjust voice levels to make each presenter sound his or her best. Having the right microphone is vital to the success of your event.Presenters must be heard with perfect clarity. Audio quality is a vital factor of speech. Good vs. bad audio quality influences the mood of an event and can be the make-or-break of the audience’s attention. Our technicians ensure the clarity and cleanliness of sound from the back rows and corners to the stage. We know how to interpret the venue’s schematics to provide the right number of speakers that are necessary to be heard clearly in every venue of the room.
Whether it is analog or digital, we have the right audio systems for each of your events.


“The soul never thinks without a picture.”
– Aristotle

Apple founder Steve Jobs was known widely for his great presentations. Perhaps his best presentation (and one of the best marketing presentations of all time) was the unveiling of the iPhone back in 2007.
Job’s presentation was engaging and passionate, but most notably was his use of powerful visual aids. He knew that slides are most effective when they tell a story rather than convey information, so his visuals were simple and image-based. This required that they be in a crisp HD quality and presented in a manner that was “easy on the eyes”. His use of imagery complemented and reinforced his message, yet they never competed with him for his audience’s attention.

Projectors are an excellent way to make a presentation attractive and powerful. The use of visuals helps your message to be transmitted effectively, enriching the experience of your audience. With the advancement in technology, the expectations of our audiences have increased to an all time high. Breakout AV remains current with all technology advancements to ensure your videos, multimedia presentations or power point slides will be projected with high brightness and resolution. This helps to guarantee they achieve the desired impact on the audience’s perception. Different projectors deliver different effects; we not only have these projectors, we specifically have the best projector for your event.

In addition, a well-lit presenter can add a great dramatic effect. As an audience, our imagination to light creates a stunning setting to reinforce the delivered message. Breakout AV ensures the speaker(s) have an impact when stage. We safeguard the speaker from facial shadows. We avoid the baths of light on stage. All the while still allowing free-range movement during the presentation. If you are video recording, our lighting makes the eye appreciate the image in the camera.


Apart from the pursuing for the most professional equipments, we also understand how important service is to you, and how a crew onsite can help you the most and promise to deliver a successfully event. We have a dedicate crew team here for you, from the moment you put event in to our hands, we'll help you planning, setting up, and executing the best performance.

Think of our crew team as your own team. We are dedicated to customers like you, to continuous best deliver, and to make service brighter for you and your events.



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